Our hearts need green and growing things...

Our hearts need green and growing things...

About Clea Danaan

My work

At the center of my work as a writer is the mystic spirituality of the heart. The powerful center of our Soul, the heart connects us to the network of life and love that makes us who we are. Gardening, speaking to trees, raising children: it all spirals back to the heart center. I learned about the heart from the Earth, from mystical Christianity, from intuitive explorations with Spirit, from my children, from my journey. Then, through the written word, I aspire to share that evolving understanding with you.

My story

I moved a lot as a child, all throughout the Pacific Northwest, so home and place became centrally important to me. I especially feel connected to the rain, moss, and saltwater of the Puget Sound area. In 2000 my husband and I moved to Colorado, and I had to learn the language of a whole new land. This taught me further about soil, weather, and green things. 

I studied healing, including Reiki, massage, Acutonics Sound Healing, and craniosacral. Spirituality has always been a deep part of my life, and I studied with Matthew Fox for a semester at Creation Spirituality University in Oakland. My own spirituality is a panentheistic blend of mystical Christianity, Buddhism, and Earth-centered spirituality.  

I have two children, whom I homeschool. I got my MFA in creative writing, and then a teacher's license. I now teach homeschooled students at an enrichment program. My life's work has evolved into a dedication to growing one's true self: my own self, my students, and my readers. That intersection of place and true self becomes our life path, in all the ways it wanders and expresses. It is about this that I write.

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